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How do we work?

Can it be solved? Is it economical?

During the first meeting, our specialists assess whether the task you have envisaged is possible to automate. Then, based on an indicative offer, it must be decided if the solution is economical.


Programming + Design + Manufacturing + Assembly + Installation

Testing the critical steps of the assembly task

In the testing laboratory of the company, our engineers demonstrate on our own equipment how we intend to implement the assembly task.

3D planning of a robot cell and the plan jury

Our machinery designers prepare a 3D model of the robot cell to build that already contains the peripheral elements and the control is also decided upon at this stage.

Factory test

This is followed by the assembly of the equipment that our customers are free to view at this stage. The device is then prepared and tested with the first workpieces.

Factory handover, transport and commissioning

The functionality of the equipment is tested under real life conditions, using workpieces.

Why from us?

Every manufacturing cell is a customised installation. As prepared as they may be, customers are never able to present a perfect specification meeting future requirements, hence the need to cooperate closely with the manufacturer, both during the manufacture of the equipment and after commissioning.

AxiCont Kft. has deployed more than 100 robot cells, most of which are serviced under existing service contracts.

We work with accuracy and precision and deliver on time, to the great satisfaction of our customers.



In urgent cases, our contracted service partners may be supplied immediately if defects are reported.

We are official “Solution” partners for Mitsubishi Electric.

Our works come with a 1 year full warranty.

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